When Lascaux becomes digital

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The Lascaux cave is known worldwide and is part of the heritage of Humanity.
On the occasion of the opening of the new International Centre for Parietal Art, which focuses on the digital experience of the visitor in the museum, it was necessary to communicate the same level of innovation on the web with communication channels adapted to the different targets.

Our strategic approach

Article Onze Digital has developed a digital strategy for the Lascaux caves in order to reach new audiences, communicate on the news and create a community of committed fans around the cultural site.

In order to attract visitors around attractive content, Article Onze has developed an editorial charter to have dedicated content on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The objective was to show behind the scenes of the cultural site, games, news, portraits of cultural mediators and artists who participated in the development of the new centre.


Social networks quickly met and seduced their audiences with a Facebook page now with more than 54,000 fans and a very strong commitment from the community.


fans Facebook

The project as seen by the team
Article Onze Digital

The launch of social networks for Lascaux was a real success. We were able to quickly create a community of interest and the fans really got caught up in the game by following and commenting regularly the pages.