A colourful BtoB evening

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Article Onze accompanied Air Caraïbes in the management and organization of their anniversary party, celebrating 15 years of transatlantic flights between the Metropolis and the West Indies. On this occasion, the company invited all tourism professionals, as well as a target group of journalists, VIP customers and its staff.

During this evening, the company wanted to thank its partners for their involvement and loyalty in a festive setting.

Our strategic approach

Set up an efficient and reliable tool for the coordination and management of guest flows

  • Updating a file,
  • Creation of a guests database,
  • Invitation via a platform – weezevent with the creation of event mini-sites corresponding to different registration forms (type of guests)
  • Moderation and sending of personalized tickets with barcode
  • On-site management of disputesPlanning of various activities to complete those already planned by Air Caraïbes (artists performances, cocktail and culinary workshops…)

Release of 1000 balloons at midnight above the assembly to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company’s transatlantic flights

Presence of hostesses with Polaroids to capture spontaneous and festive moments.


1 300

tourism professionals attending this event


influencers and journalists

The project as seen by the team
Article Onze Tourisme

Air Caraïbes’ DNA is festive by nature, and this colourful evening has kept its promises. We were proud to support the project, and to celebrate with brilliance the company’s 15th anniversary.”