Commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death

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At the request of the Milan City Council, SNCF Voyages Italia consulted Article Onze for the organisation of a press conference with the objective to subsequently planning a press trip dedicated to the French media.

Our strategic approach

One of the objectives was to promote the  “Leonardo 500” program of events set up by the city of Milan to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death.

The other objective was to enrich the SNCF Voyages Italia brand through the concept of “Joy of Traveling” by train and the values associated with it.

The first step was to organize a press conference, including:

  • Briefing on the definition of the project, the target and the objectives with the Milan City Council.
  • The choice of location: Le Train Bleu (a mythical and prestigious place, located in the very heart of the Gare de Lyon, opposite the platform, with a direct view of the SNCF Voyages Italia train filmed in the colours of Leonardo da Vinci)

Press conference at the Blue Train

  • The realization of graphic formats within the Article Onze creation studio
  • The definition of the media target for the press conference: print media among the Top 10 French media:
    • Le Figaro Magazine
    • Le Monde
    • L’Express
    • La Croix
    • Challenges
    • Madame Figaro
    • Les Echos Série Limitée
    • Marie Claire
    • Télérama
    • Vanity Fair

The second step was the organization of a press trip:

  • Briefing to define the project, target and objectives with SNCF Voyages Italia
  • Creation of graphic supports within its own design studio
  • Definition of the media target for the press trip: TV, print and digital media among the Top 10 French media:
    • Le Figaro Magazine
    • Télé 7 Jours
    • Telematin
    • Télérama
    • Magazine Avantages
    • L’Estampille l’Objet
    • Le Petit Léonard

Accompaniment of the press trip by the person in charge of the project to promote the dissemination of the key messages of the communication campaign and the creation of links with journalists.


Very satisfied journalists :

“Thank you for this trip, with quality interlocutors, and a great group. A perfectly organized trip, with interesting partners in a friendly atmosphere. After seeing so many beautiful things, it is impossible not to make a beautiful subject! » Le Figaro

“Many thanks to all of you. It was an exciting journey with beautiful encounters! » Benefits Magazine

“Thank you again for this very nice getaway where I was amazed! I was really happy to meet this little group! » Télé 7 Jours


journalists participating in the press conference


published articles




Advertising equivalent

The project as seen by the team
Article Onze Tourisme

Through Leonardo da Vinci’s genius, this operation has taken us and the journalists on an exciting and rewarding mission. This success also reminds us of the French people’s unbroken love of art and culture. »