Corporate Social Responsibility Charter (CSR)


Article Onze is an independent agency in its actions as in its statutes, whose job is to help companies and institutions emerge in their media environment and digital communities.

Article Onze is a recognized partner and is committed to accompanying each company in its innovative communication strategy and serving its growth, results as well as its people.

Each co-worker shares the agency’s values which are : the culture of service, creativity, reactivity and commitment.

Aware of its responsibilities, the agency is committed to taking into account social, economic and environmental impacts. After an audit on the company’s CSR performance level, Article Onze set up a dedicated working group whose results were shared and gathered here in the form of a charter.

This CSR policy enables the agency to increase its competitiveness, improve internal relations, enhance customer relations and reduce its environmental impact.

Part 1 Environment

Article Onze is committed to a proactive global environmental policy, which includes a number of initiatives to reduce and control the environmental impacts of its operations.

Waste management & recovery with Les Joyeux Recycleurs

Article Onze has set up a recycling solution for its office waste with the company Les Joyeux Recycleurs. Light bulbs, batteries, caps, pens, cartridges, toners, paper (…) are sorted and deposited in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes. A monthly tracking sheet allows us to monitor the quantities collected. This service not only helps to structure recycling but also supports the association for professional integration Ares Ateliers.

Recycling training sessions are regularly organized in order to share good practices.

Transport & travel

Article Onze is committed to an approach that minimizes travel and gives priority to public transport. Employees travel to and from work by train in France.

Videoconferencing and phone calls are very frequently used, making it possible to reduce travel for our customers and employees.

Energy & Technology

Article Onze is committed to reducing its energy footprint by equipping itself with low-energy light bulbs, but also by encouraging all its employees to switch off their computers every night and not leave any device on standby. In addition, employees are also encouraged to delete unnecessary e-mails and empty their mailboxes.

Article Onze supports the energy transition by chosing a green electricity contract from its supplier. The electricity is generated from renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, tidal power and biomass energy.

Part 2 Social dimension

Article Onze ensures respect for individuals and their environment. The company ensures that the labour code is respected and that its partners, suppliers and subcontractors comply with national and international social standards (human rights, labour law, children’s rights, etc.).

Article Onze is named after the 11th Article of the Declaration of the Rights of Citizen and Man. The latter advocates the free communication of thoughts and opinions of Men, a value that is an integral part of the DNA of Article Onze.

Article Onze is committed to creating an atmosphere conducive to group cohesion and to promoting the well-being of its employees within the company.

Throughout the year, Article Onze is committed to:

  • Each year organizing a sell off for the benefit of an association;
  • Thanks to the Joyeux recycleurs, for each kilo collected at the agency, 5 euro cents are donated to the association ‘Ares Atelier’, who helps people in situation of great exclusion through professional integration in Ile de France:;
  • Offering regular training courses to improve skills and acquire new ones, particularly in the following areas: languages, social media, journalistic writing, online platform (…);
  • Participating in several races such as “La Course des Héros”, for the benefit of the association ‘Votre Ecole chez Vous’ (Your School at Home) :;
  • Encouraging volunteer work (gift wrapping for Secours Populaire, donations of school supplies; toy collection, donations of glasses to ‘Lunettes sans frontières’ (Glasses without borders):;
  • Respecting the rules of the labor code in terms of hygiene, health, safety and working conditions;
  • Respecting the anti-corruption laws;
  • Fighting against all forms of discrimination in hiring, remuneration and professional development of its employees;
  • Promoting well-being in the workplace;
  • Paying its apprenticeship tax to the association Votre Ecole Chez Vous;
  • Encouraging its clients to adopt sustainable approaches in its recommendations.

Part 3 Ethics & Service Providers

Ethics are very important in the eyes of Article Onze, whether towards its employees or towards the choice of its suppliers.


In an ever-changing environment, we have formalized the ethical principles that we want Article Onze’s employees and suppliers to apply.

The Article Onze Code of Ethics describes the standards expected of each Article Onze employee and manager during their professional career at Article Onze:

  • In its relations with customers and suppliers;
  • In its relations with colleagues;
  • In its behaviour with regard to the defence of the company’s interests.


Article Onze has chosen suppliers who are involved in this CSR policy: energy, printers, office supplies, couriers…

Indeed, Article Onze favours suppliers who follow a set of fundamental values and work standards and who contribute – thanks to the services they offer – to:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by using electric vehicles and bicycle couriers;
  • Saving cardboard boxes by delivering goods without additional packaging.

In addition, Article Onze pools its orders to limit the number of deliveries and consequently the number of trips.