10 Tips to optimise your professional use of Instagram

Instagram connects more than 21 million French people and has been living an idyll of synergy with brands for more than 10 years! A powerful promotional tool that still requires an in-depth knowledge of the behaviors to adopt to optimize its visibility and brand image.

The driving tips for visibility and commitment on Instagram that you would not have thought of:

          I)  Inform about your news in your Bio.

Take advantage of this space to highlight your current projects, your events, the news of your brand. It is also important to update the stories pinned in your thumbnails. Contents highlighting obsolete information are frequently left in front. This gives a negative signal to potential future prospects.

         II)  Add special characters and use special fonts on your Bio.

Mettez de l’originalité dans votre profil à l’aide de polices et de caractères différenciant.

        III)  Aerate your captions with chips. 

Control the density of your legends to make them more pleasant to read. Incorporate paragraph feedback. To create one, write your photo caption in your phone’s note-taking application, and copy it into Instagram.

         IV)   Reply to your private messages with Audios or Videos.

Replying with Audio or even Video messages is a very powerful weapon to surprise your caller and establish a unique relationship with them.

          V)  Always associate a minimum Sticker to a Story.

Whether it is commitment stickers (survey, questions, quiz…), discoverability stickers (hashtags, geolocalization, mention) or gifs, you must make the most of Instagram’s native language. They make it easy to generate interactions (subscribers are fond of them) and increase the visibility of content.

         VI)   Fill in the Alternative Text.

A feature that is still very unknown and yet has been available for more than a year. It seems that alternative text is also used by Instagram to better analyze the content of posts and display them in the feed of people who have shown signs of interest in these themes.

        VII)   Hide your hashtags.

Of course, hashtags increase your visibility. On the other hand, they can also make your posts a bit messy, or make you look like you’re doing too much. To hide your hashtags, there is a simple solution: instead of adding them to your caption, write them in a comment under your publication. As soon as another comment is added, your hashtags are hidden in the comments section.

       VIII)   Involve your partners in your content.

If you have the same type of audience and your goal is to make yourself known to the same communities, you can run campaigns together to introduce your partners to your audience. The most popular are the following:

Shoutouts: you mention which accounts you like and why your subscribers should follow them too.

Co-creating content: you can, for example, invite a brand to come and talk about their project. This is the Instagram version of product co-creation, the famous capsule collections.


         IX)   Always geo localize your contents.

Publications with geolocalization would get 79% more commitment. Think about it systematically.

          X)   Engage your communities on sharing your stories.

Le CEO d’Instagram a confirmé en 2019 sur son compte Instagram que les KPI les plus importants étaient :

Instagram’s CEO confirmed in 2019 on his Instagram account that the most important KPIs were :

  1. Sharing
  2. interactions (use of stickers, reactions and private messages)
  3. the number of views

So make sure your content is shared as much as possible.