Australia in 8D : new immersive videos

International travellers to be digitally immersed in Australia’s iconic landscapes.

L'Australie en D - nouvelles vidéos immersives

A series of new immersive videos will transport viewers from around the world into the heart of some of Australia’s most breathtaking destinations and keep them dreaming of all of the experiences awaiting them when they are able to travel to Australia again.

Harnessing innovative 8D audio technology, the six videos take viewers on a sensory journey, immersing them in the unique sights, sounds and textures of iconic destinations such as Uluru, Sydney Opera House, Fraser Island and the Daintree.

The videos have each been themed by colour – blue, red, magenta, green, black and white – to evoke a range of feelings and emotions, and showcase the visual diversity and vibrancy found in Australia, and provide inspiration for future holiday plans.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said the videos would give travellers around the world a taste of what it’s like to experience Australia firsthand, but from the comfort of their homes.

“Many people have had to put their travel plans on hold this year, but reassuringly the demand for Australian holiday experiences hasn’t waned with many still dreaming about travelling here in the future,” Ms Harrison said.

“Although the current border restrictions mean that international travellers can’t visit right now, we need to continue to keep Australia top of mind through bold and engaging initiatives, and remind them of the exceptional experiences that await them when they can travel here again.

“Australia is such unique and diverse destination and this collection of new videos captures the unique colours, sights and sounds of some of our most spectacular landscapes – giving people a real sense of being there in the moment.”

8D audio is a sound engineering treatment that, when the viewer wears headphones, gives the music and sounds a three-dimensional effect for an immersive experience. It is the first time a tourism body has utilised this technology for a video series.

The videos are part of Tourism Australia’s renewed international content marketing program to drive traffic and engagement to its channels, and can be viewed on and Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel.

They are supported by a series of articles on providing information on the experiences and destinations to give further inspiration for travellers considering where they might holiday in the future.

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