Social Media Trends 2021

The year 2020 has turned our habits upside down. The first wave of Covid-19 means 3.9 billion people confined to their homes and an exponential increase in the use of social networks.

1. Responsible commitment and humanization of networks

The first confinement saw the trend of “salon militancy” accelerate. Internet users are becoming more and more committed (for the planet, against racism…) through petitions, publications on the networks, dedicated hashtags. To follow this trend, social networks are also finding ways to humanize digital interactions: Facebook and its emoji “care” for solidarity; lives on Twitch and Instagram for a more intimate connection and audio formats to communicate with more nuances.

2. Nostalgia marketing and back to basics

2021 marks the return of the “good old days”, happier memories to make people forget the current crisis. This reassuring past is accompanied by an over-valuation of the simplicity of everyday life: on TikTok and Instagram, we notice a clear increase in the “Gardening” communities and the “cottagecore” movement. Internet users are increasingly turning to local communities via digital (Whatsapp groups, etc…); they are escaping and seeking comfort in simplified virtual realities (Animal Crossing…); they follow influencers who advocate a simple lifestyle…

3. Social gaming

Video game platforms such as Twitch have seen their audiences skyrocket. More and more brands have chosen to support the world of gaming by partnering with streamers or Youtubers. Some brands are also using video games as a method of communication by associating themselves with in-game events to promote their content to the gaming community.

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Source: Talkwalker and Hubspot