Article Onze announces the creation of the first Tourism association of Arab countries: ATA (Arabian Tourism Association)

Sandrine Ledru, Associate Director of A11, and the initiator of ATA, defines the objective of this nonprofit association as the promotion of tourism in the Middle East and the Maghreb.

ATA’s aim is to speak with one same voice yet at the same time take into account each and every one of each countries’ uniqueness’. It also aims to participate in the development of their brand image and awareness by suggestions and actions enriching those taken individually by each one of them.

The members of the board, listed alphabetically below, are all either experts of the region or Media specialists.

  • Laurent Abitbol, Président Selectour Havas
  • Valérie Boned, Secrétaire générale EDV
  • Nicolas Brumelot, Président fondateur MisterFly
  • Anne Dumesnil, Directrice Moyen Orient Voyageurs du monde
  • Saskia Gentil, Senior Vice-Présidente Sales Accor
  • Sandrine Ledru, Directrice Associée Article Onze
  • Olivier Martin-Dupray, Directeur Associé Addiction Agency
  • Patrick Pourbaix, Directeur général MSC France – Belgique

The board’s first meeting will take place in January 2022. The ATA denomination, the name of the IT domain and the association statuses (1901 law) have all been registered. An expansion to cover Europe in a first instance is scheduled in 2022 and internationally in 2023.

ATA’s intention is to unite the Tourism body working around its cause, including members of the Destinations, TO, DMC, OTA, airlines, Travel Agents, Cruises, institutional organizations, distribution networks and media.

AG, member of the board, has taken on the brand identity and the communication strategy of the association.

Sandrine Ledru outlines that « The Arab World did not have up until now a dedicated association, contrary to all other parts of the world. Together with the other members of the board I can only rejoice at the creation of this entity that will create synergies between countries who each have a unique and rich identity and where there is yet so much left to be discovered by the traveller”.

“We are pleased and proud that UVUK has placed its trust in us on the French market. Together with our partners across Europe, we aim to support Sandals and Beaches in a hyper-competitive market and to ensure that the media and travelers are aware of the unique offers that these long-standing brands offer”.
Sandrine Ledru

“The countries of the Arab World are facing a great number of challenges linked to tourism. This association will highlight the specificities of each country in a common project for the region.”
Olivier Martin-Dupray

“The Arab states that cover 10% of the world’s surface have a wealth of not only land but also culture. These are major assets for the Tourism sector in promoting the region and thus enhancing its attractivity as a destination on the French market.”
Nicolas Brumelot

“I am thrilled to associate MSC with this very sound initiative, our company having featured for a long time the region with cruises in the Maghreb and an ongoing strong development in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian sea and more recently the red sea.”
Patrick Pourbaix