Tourism Australia : Bushfire information update

Here is the latest information on the fires currently affecting Australia.

mise à jour feux Australie

Like all Australians, our hearts go out to the families and communities who are impacted by the bushfires. Our gratitude for the frontline services facing the fires head on cannot be expressed deeply enough. The emergency response to the bushfires and the safety of communities and visitors in affected areas continues to be the number one priority.

Regarding travel within Australia, it is important to remind everyone that there are many regions across Australia that remain unaffected by the bushfires and continue to offer incredible and unique Australian experiences.

Tourism Australia, in consultation with the STOs, has created a Bushfire Information page on This page contains information about the key tourism regions in Australia that have been affected by the bushfires and will be updated daily.

We encourage you to share this link on your channels and with your networks to ensure the latest facts about the fires are distributed as far and as wide as possible.