The Team Article Onze

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Sandrine Ledru
Sandrine LedruAssociate General Manager
Delphine Beauchesne
Delphine BeauchesneAssociate Director
Chrystèle Cazin
Chrystèle CazinMarketing Director
Laurence de Lastelle
Laurence de Lastelle Business Development Director
Xavier Gougeon
Xavier GougeonConsulting Director Partner
Lidwine Bernardin
Lidwine BernardinMarketing & Digital Manager
Sihame Haddane
Sihame HaddanePR Manager
Céline Mahéo
Céline MahéoMarketing & PR Manager
Elise Thivillier
Elise ThivillierHospitality Sales & PR Manager
Sophie Castellanos
Sophie CastellanosSenior Account Executive
Sandra Epiard
Sandra EpiardSenior Account Executive
Adil Hmami
Adil HmamiSenior Account Executive
Neelesh Loolchand
Neelesh LoolchandSenior Account Executive Partner
Tom Mahéo
Tom MahéoAccount Executive
Fiona Nicolas
Fiona NicolasSenior Account Executive Partner
Philippe Piotait
Philippe PiotaitSenior Account Executive
Pauline Potiron
Pauline PotironSenior Account Executive
Catherine Senegas
Catherine SenegasManagement Assistant
Fanny Tesson
Fanny TessonAccount Executive
Stéphanie Trinh
Stéphanie TrinhSenior Account Executive


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75017 Paris – France
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